Giving You Advice that Matters

With over 30 years of experience, We had “Evolution, we change our skin to face the new challenges, but we have not revolutionized on our core values”.

Becoming an advisor is not just about setting up structures together, raising money and making the balance sheets grow in figures and numbers.

Instead, it is about shouldering much larger responsibilities wherein client’s business life and earnings are involved as well as their families.

We accomplish this through practical and innovative solutions that help our clients to succeed but we still embody our founder’s traditional Swiss values to be committed to delivering the highest service quality, to be moderately seized, to get and remain closer to our clients.

Our main objective is to help you meet both the Swiss traditions and innovative solutions.

Fit is essential to us. We are a boutique firm.

Because we are a boutique, although all the consultants are broadening their scope of responsibilities, participate more actively in meetings and have more prospects of talking to executives, for that they easily get labelled as experts to builds up their credibility. The fact is we’re a boutique firm doesn’t make us weak in relations.

Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.

We strongly believe that maintaining our focus is the best way to continue to deliver our unique blend of extraordinary client services.

Our philosophy is the foundation of who we are as a firm.

“Having grown to the businesses’ success has been built on trust, pride, professionalism and competence”.

Our corporate slogan captures the essence of this philosophy.

“Swiss Experience for Business Owners” We offer only Swiss corporate and personal solutions, focused on our country’s best opportunities and client interested in having improved access to it.

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Harry Oliver,
CEO of BrainBizz Company

Why Should You Choose Us?

International Entrepreneurs, High Net Worth Individuals and Families, Wealth Managers, Family Offices, Investment Managers and Institutional, they have already chosen us as advisors because:

We separate ourselves from traditional advisory relationships due to our desire to truly learn about our client’s lives, family, and business first, not focus on selling them products they don’t understand or need.

As a firm, we have no products to sell other than our service, knowledge and experience.

You speak, and we’ll listen. We learn about your business, where you came from and what your plans are moving forward. We won’t overwhelm you with more information than is needed. Once we better understand your business plan or you asset protection needs, we can then begin to assess how our advisory solutions may best fit your needs.

We structured our business to remove as many conflicts of interest as possible. Not only we are entirely independent of the pressures of large institutions. We are fee-only. We have structured our compensation model to offer an opportunity to be completely impartial.

What do We Offer for You?

A rare blend of industry practices places, us to understand the complete needs of our clients and cohesively tie together with our services accordingly for each client’s relationship. We believe in our expertise of understanding and providing proper advice – not focusing on sales pitches at the expense of quality.

Services for the Middle East
Situated in the heart of Europe but proudly independent from the EU, Switzerland has a longstanding reputation as a first-class financial centre, and Swiss companies have international stature and high-quality reputation. Tessin (Canton Ticino) is becoming Switzerland's premier innovation incubator for start-up and a trading hub for European commodities. Demand from Middle East investors for Swiss Companies and real estate has intensified over the last year, bolstered by the continued strength of the Swiss currency (Swiss Franc) and as an opportunity for portfolio diversification, but also importantly permits access to the underlying dynamism of the Swiss Financial systems and economy. Middle East-based families are again increasingly turning their attention to intergenerational planning to preserve the passage of wealth. We speak Arabic, English, French, German, we interact with different cultures, and our specialists understand the importance of providing excellent and effective service, clear communication, quick response times, and above all, helping you navigate international complexities to reach successful results.
Swiss Businesses Establishment
As swiss national advisors, we recommend our country for foreign investments. Switzerland has an envious position, known for being a beautiful and wealthy country with a small population and relatively low corporate and personal tax regime defined by the cantons individually, smooth bureaucracy with a and an extensive network of double taxation treaties. Swiss companies have a high reputation, attractive tax rates for domicile as well as operating companies and provide anonymity. We also specialize in the creation and incorporation of financial and trading companies or handling a cross border merger or acquisitions. We offer the full range of services you need to help you establish your company from notary to the registrations handling all other formalities related to the authorizations. With our substantial experience in the industrial and financial sectors, our services also cover advice with corporate legal and tax-related matters or administrative issues, the opening of bank accounts, putting you in touch with our Swiss banks' partners.
Project planning Corporate compliance
Passion can be the fuel that keeps your business going. However, in today’s world, the positioning of your idea in the market. Are you planning financing, an investment, an acquisition or disposal? Or perhaps current commitments or other significant business transactions are under scrutiny? Business and financial planning together with proper due diligence and compliance governance are of the utmost importance to every business might it be large or small, local or international. As the right structure is the key to successful business development, we can proactively support you in every strategic stage of your business in Switzerland. We help you make the right choices to add value to your existing business and provide efficient business support and Swiss company administration services. We are on your side to implement practical solutions to provide your business with the flexibility, value and responsiveness it needs so that you can concentrate on what matters the most: your business development.
Swiss bank account
Every Swiss bank has its policies outlining with whom they do business with. Financial Crime Compliance, including Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Know Your Customer (KYC), Transaction Monitoring, Sanctions and PEP Screening are some of the critical activities that band and institutions will perform on you. Tighter compliance regulations have challenged financial institutions. Compliance risk approach has become one of the significant ongoing concerns for Banks. The need for more accurate "Know Your Customer" demands are growing, with banks. We take great pride in our clients' privacy, and compliance handles everything related to complex corporate structures. We can handle everything from meeting anti-money laundering obligations to managing compliance of complex corporate structures. Our team members are well experienced and have a complete understanding of local and international legislative environments. We respond to your all queries quickly and pragmatically, and always in total confidence. We take great pride in our compliance management, ensure proper regulation and risk assessment.
Swiss residency
As Swiss national advisors, we love and recommend our country. Our country has been consistently ranking as among the most stable and safe countries worldwide with neutrality and impregnable Swiss alps. It is mandatory even for European citizens, to get a work permit to be able to work or spend more than three months in the country. Obtaining work or residence permits depends on nationality. If the client decides to "work" in Switzerland or most of our clients and many wealthy families have selected Switzerland due to the tax advantages, they may have the right to qualify life. One of them is Lump-Sum Taxation called « Forfait Fiscal ». It is a tax status which guarantees annual lump-sum taxation based on the overall income and assets of a person. We can assist our clients in obtaining permits for non-EU Nationals (GCC, United States, Canada, China for example), or EU Nationals (excluding Bulgaria and Romania) and EFTA.
Swiss Tax consultancy
The Swiss tax system is complicated for foreign investors. The Confederation, the cantons and even the communes levy taxes in Switzerland. Federal taxes (Direct federal tax has levied on the income of private individuals. It is assessed and collected by the cantons on behalf of the Confederation) Cantonal taxes (The cantons are free to decide on their tax rates). These mean that the tax laws and tax rates vary widely from canton to canton. Communal taxes (Communal tax systems regulated by cantonal tax legislation. However, communes set their tax rates)— globally the increasing attention on the appropriate use of legal entities, both from tax authorities and business. Globalisation and interconnection between the country are not only at the level of business or trading between entrepreneur and private. Also, tax matter makes countries interconnected, tax aspects and complexities of cross-border situations and transactions especially after the implementation of the outcomes of the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) by the OECD, is significantly affecting the businesses around the world.
Accounting & Bookkeeping
The company's financial reports are financial regulatory requirements and one of several vital documents that helps stakeholders to gain an idea of its business. We committed to keeping the highest level of professional standards and quality. Outsource management accounting and reporting duty with us and minimise the expenses. There might be a vast range of options to choose an accountancy firm, but the lack of genuine effort is a severe concern for hard-working individuals. We ensure that the financial statements are complying with Swiss and International Standards. There might be a massive range of options for businesses to choose an accountancy firm, but the lack of genuine effort from the accounting firms is a severe concern for hardworking individuals profit and loss. Our mission is to partner with our clients with the utmost professionalism and quality of services to grow their prospects. We are committed to keeping the highest level of professional standards and quality.
Buy-Side Representation & Valuations
Our Sports Advisory departments represent clients in the sale, purchase and investment in Minor, Major and Independent professional sports teams. The Company offers comprehensive mergers and acquisitions services to current sports team owners and, prospective team owners and investors, management companies. Our services provide our clients with the tools they need to be successful and to more effectively and efficiently run their operations. The M&A activities of the Company extend throughout professional baseball, hockey, basketball, football and soccer. We provide thorough and independent financial valuations for our clients. Often an independent valuation is essential to either a board or a third party. Our process is objective; we pride ourselves on the rigour of our analytical process. We explore all aspects of a franchise’s operations in order to derive a valuation that will withstand outside scrutiny. Our analysis includes a combination of qualitative and quantitative measures in a competitive landscape, comparable companies and transactions and the Company’s operations and history.